Select menus in Rails 3?

I have the following code in my Rails 3 application, it's supposed to be displaying a select box with each asset_type record:


def asset_type_all_select_options{ |asset_type| [,] }

_form.html.erb (Asset)

<%= :asset_type_id, asset_type_all_select_options, :class => "input-text", :prompt => '--Select-----' %>

and here are my models:


belongs_to :asset_type


has_many :assets

Using the above code I get the following error:

undefined local variable or method `asset_type' for #<#<Class:0x007f87a9f7bdf8>:0x007f87a9f77d48>

Am I doing something wrong? Will this method not work with double barrel model names? Any pointers would be appreciated!


The variable asset_type in your assets_helper file is not defined. You would need to pass it in to the helper method

def asset_type_all_select_options(asset_type)
  # ...

Or use an instance variable that you define in the controller (e.g. @asset_type).

However, you can simplify this by using the #collection_select form helper.

_form.html.erb (Asset)

<%= f.collection_select :asset_type_id, AssetType.all, :id, :name, { prompt: '--Select-----' }, class: 'input-text' %>

Take a look at the API for #collection_select for details.

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