Javascript files won't load within Visual Studio ASP.NET 2.0 pro

I have just loaded an existing ASP.NET project into Visual Studio 2010 that is targeted at .NET 2.0. When I attempt to run it, the first page throws an error indicating that the JQuery file was not loaded ($ is undefined). If I paste the contents of the JQuery file within tags on the login page, everything works. This indicates to me that the JQuery file is not being loaded. I have verified that the path is correct.

This problem is not just with the JQuery file but with all JavaScript files, as far as I can tell.

I have copied this entire project directly from someone else's machine. It works perfectly on their machine. The project, on my computer, is at exactly the same path as on their machine.

If I go to IIS on my machine, and right-click on this application under Default Web Site, then choose Manage Application >> Browse, the application is displayed correctly in a browser. (I have verified that the virtual directory in IIS is pointing to my source code folder) So, it appears this issue is specific to the Visual Studio environment.

What could possibly be preventing the Javascript from loading. (the CSS files seem to be loading without error).

Thanks in advance for any debugging advice you can give me.


There can be many things wrong. Have you tried using Fiddler or FireBug and determined if the resources are requested? If they are what is the status that is being returned?

Is Visual Studio using IIS or the built-in Webserver?

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