How to add oauth2 package to Eclipse pydev?

I'm attempting to install the oauth2 package from

This file is (oauth2-1.5.211.tar.gz) .tar.gz format but to add a new library to pydev I need to a .zip or .egg file :

How can I add this file or an alternative oauth2 library to my pydev installation ?


To get working use following steps :

install easy_installer :

more info here : This site should offer a link to which contains the easy_installer exe

Once installed ensure the Scripts dir is on your System path, for me this is :


Generate the .egg file by running this command dir where oauth2 (where is located after extracting the downloaded the oauth2 file) is installed :

python install

This should generate the .egg file in 'dist' folder which you can then add via Eclipse UI.

Note : if using 7zip may need to extract download .ta.gz twice, (once on download file and again on generated extracted file) in order to generate python setup files

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