Spring MVC getting value of element that is not an object property on the server

I have a jsp page which uses spring tag lib. I have elements on he page that is bind to properties of an object. I also have button values that are not bind to the POJO i am trying to get these values on the server. Under is the code


    <form:form id="monitoringList" name="monitoringList" commandName="monitoring">
    <h3>Monitoring For Criminals Victims/Wittiness</h3>
        <h3>Crime Record - ${crimeRecNo}</h3>       

        <div id="victims">
            <input type="hidden" id="records" value="${records}"/>

            <div id="citizen_row">          

            <label class="name"></label>

            <form:input class="citizen" type="hidden" name="socialSecurityNumber" path="socialSecurityNumber"/>

            <table border="1">          


            <td><form:input type="hidden" path="crimeRecNo" name = "crimeRecNo"/>
            <canvas id="photoCvs${citizen.socialSecurityNumber}" class="canvas" height="200" width="200"></canvas></td>
            <td><label>Start Date : </label><form:input name= "monitoringStDate" path="monitoringStDate" id="monitoringStDate"/></td>
            <td><label>End Date : </label><form:input name="monitoringEndDate" path="monitoringEndDate" id="monitoringEndDate"/></td>
            <label>Monitoring Type : </label>
                <form:select path="monitoringTypeId" name="monitoringTypeId" id="monitoringTypeId" title="Monitoring Type">
                    <form:options items="${monitoringType.monitoringTypeList}" itemValue="monitoringTypeId" itemLabel="monitoringTypeDesc" />


            <div><button id="action" onclick="submitPage('${pageContext.request.contextPath}/monitoringList.htm','POST');" type="button">Create Monitoring Records</button></div>


            <!-- MySql first record starts at 0. So we need to send in the value 0 to get the first record. Create Record Navigation based on record count -->
            <div id= "recordNavigation">
            <c:forEach begin="0" end="${records - 1}" var="i"> 
                <input type="submit" class="navigationbtns" id="page" onclick="submitPage('${pageContext.request.contextPath}/monitoringList.htm','POST');" value="${i}"/>



This is the controller and i am using request.getParameter to get the value of the button however the value id null when i click on the button which post me to the server


@RequestMapping(value = "monitoringList.htm", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public ModelAndView handleNextMonitoringPage(@ModelAttribute("crimeRecNo")Integer crimeRecNo, Model model,@ModelAttribute Monitoring monitoring, BindingResult result,ModelMap m,HttpServletRequest request,SessionStatus status, HttpSession session) throws Exception {

    String p_page = request.getParameter("page");
    logger.info("Page request was ::" + p_page);
    //int page = 0;


     Monitoring aMonitoringRecord = new Monitoring();

aMonitoringRecord = this.monitoringManager.getAMonitoringRecByCrimeRecNo(crimeRecNo, page);
int recordCount = this.monitoringManager.MonitoringRecords_RecordCount(crimeRecNo);

     model.addAttribute("crimeRecNo", crimeRecNo);
     model.addAttribute("monitoring", aMonitoringRecord);           

    return new ModelAndView(new RedirectView("monitoringList.htm"),"page",page); 



you are missing the name attribute under which the value is being submitted

<button name="page" ....>


<input type="submit" name="page" ..../>

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