How to call multiple different methods simultaneously

I have some different methods that each import products from different sites. If I execute these sequentially the entire process takes a lot of time, particularly when 1 method is running on a site that is less responsive.

I'd rather run them simultaneously.

This is what I have so far with 1 example method:

Public Class feedParameters

Private _productIdPrefix As String
Private _publishersite As String
Private _feedURL As String

Public Property productIdPrefix() As String
        Return _productIdPrefix
    End Get
    Set(value As String)
        _productIdPrefix = value
    End Set
End Property
Public Property publishersite() As String
        Return _publishersite
    End Get
    Set(value As String)
        _publishersite = value
    End Set
End Property
Public Property feedURL() As String
        Return _feedURL
    End Get
    Set(value As String)
        _feedURL = value
    End Set
End Property

End Class

Dim fpm As New feedParameters
fpm.publishersite = ""
fpm.feedURL = ""
fpm.productIdPrefix = "10"

Protected Sub ImportProductsPublisherA(ByVal productIdPrefix As String, ByVal publishersite As String, ByVal feedURL As String)

End Sub

I tried this:

System.Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(New System.Threading.WaitCallback(AddressOf ImportProductsPublisherA()), fpm)

Then I get 3 errors that I have not specified arguments for the 3 parameters: productIdPrefix, publishersite and feedURL

I also tried:

System.Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(New System.Threading.WaitCallback(AddressOf ImportProductsPublisherA), fpm)

I get this error: Method 'Protected Sub ImportProductsPublisherA(productIdPrefix As String, publishersite As String, feedURL As String)' does not have a signature compatible with delegate 'Delegate Sub WaitCallback(state As Object)'.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Is this WinForms or

If winforms create a background worker for each function and start all of them, they will work independently in a separate thread.

If you want to look at using System.Threading.ThreadPool -

System.Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(New System.Threading.WaitCallback(AddressOf ImportProductsSiteA))

System.Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(New System.Threading.WaitCallback(AddressOf ImportProductsSiteB))

System.Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(New System.Threading.WaitCallback(AddressOf ImportProductsSiteC))

System.Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(New System.Threading.WaitCallback(AddressOf ImportProductsSiteD))

If you functions take any parameters you can pass them like this:

System.Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(New System.Threading.WaitCallback(AddressOf ImportProductsSiteA), parameter-here)

using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace Foo
   public class Bar
      public void ImportProductsSiteA() { }
      public void ImportProductsSiteB() { }
      public void ImportProductsSiteC() { }
      public void ImportProductsSiteD() { }

      public void Execute()
         var a = Task.Factory.StartNew(ImportProductsSiteA);
         var b = Task.Factory.StartNew(ImportProductsSiteB);
         var c = Task.Factory.StartNew(ImportProductsSiteC);
         var d = Task.Factory.StartNew(ImportProductsSiteD);
         Task.WaitAll(a, b, c, d);

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