How to base my ASP.NET website out of a specific URL directory?

I've got IIS 7 serving up my ASP.NET MVC website. It's the only site that I have configured in IIS. When I access the site, the site is based out of the root URL directory. For example, my site would be accessed like this:

How can I configure the ASP.NET site to be prefixed by a specific URL directory? I'd like it to be something like this:

Is this something I do in the ASP.NET configuration or within IIS itself?



You can create an "Application" for your site (right click on your web site in IIS Manager and choose "Add Application") and give it the directory name that you want. This way you can have, for example, multiple applications under the same domain e.g. and

This article describes the differences between Sites, Applications and Virtual Directories:

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