Increment an integer variable in a loop

I have "i" that is an integer variable and I would like to do a loop that increments the "i" from 40000 to 90000 adding 1000 each time. Each Result will appear in a ComboBox.

Example: 40000 - 41000 - 42000 - 43000 - ... - 88000 - 89000 - 90000

My code is the following:

var i:integer;
 for i:= 40000 to 90000 do
   ComboBox1.AddItem(IntToStr(i), nil); //until here the code works
   Inc(i, 1000);                         

Do you have any suggestions?


You cannot alter the for loop variable inside the loop.

What you want is this:

for i := 0 to 50 do
  ComboBox1.AddItem(IntToStr(40000 + 1000 * i), nil)

But! This is rather inefficient. You should consider

for i := 0 to 50 do
  ComboBox1.Items.Add(IntToStr(40000 + 1000 * i));

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