Scala - “if(true) Some(1)” without having to type “else None”

In scala, if you have an Option, you can get another Option by doing What I want to do is take a boolean and do the same thing. In other words, I want shorthand for the following:


Is there an idiomatic way to get an Option out of a Boolean like this without having to do "else None"?


Scalaz has this. The code would look like this:

import scalaz._
import Scalaz._
val b = true  
val opt = b option "foo"

The type of opt will be Option[String]

If you don't mind creating the data every time,


will do the trick. If you do mind creating the data every time,

Option(someCondition).filter(_ == true).map(_ => data)

but I don't think that's any clearer. I'd go with if-else if I were you.

Or you could

def onlyIf[A](p: Boolean)(a: => A) = if (p) Some(a) else None

and then

onlyIf(someCondition){ data }

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