Eclipse: Can You Hit A KeyBinding To Find The Command It Is Bound To?

I'm new to Eclipse. Is it possible in Eclipse to hit a keybinding and find the name of the command it is bound too?

For example, pressing Ctrl+Shift+R and have something like "open-dialog" come up in a list telling me that Ctrl+Shift+R is bound to the command "open-dialog".


Unfortunately, Eclipse doesn't make this easy. (Related note: IntelliJ IDEA does.) There are a few things that might help you out, though:

  1. In the Eclipse settings for key bindings, you could do "Export to CSV". Then you can search that document for key combinations.
  2. Also in the Eclipse settings for key bindings, you can sort the "Binding" column. The list is unwieldy to scroll through, but the ordering of multi-key combinations seems to be well defined so you could eventually find the key combination you're looking for.
  3. If you want to look up a common command without going into the settings, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to "Show Key Assist". You can't sort the list by key combination, but it's at least a relatively short list to look through.

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