What is the black dot beside a jquery sortable element?

I'm using JQuery sortable for the first time, and I have a sortable list of elements all working ok (widgets, with a header and some internal form etc workings).

I've defined a header element as a handle for moving each widget in the list and that works ok, however a black dot, which behaves like a handle, appears on the left side of each of my sortable elements.

In some elements, the dot appears when the element starts to move, in others is is permanently fixed

I've Googled around for an hour or so & can find nothing that remotely comes near it

What is this black dot, and how do I remove it?


I'm pretty sure it's the bullet of <li/>-elements, use similar to the demo linked by Robert Harvey the style

list-style-type: none;

for the sortable <ul/>-element.

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