How do I reposition a UITableViewCell's contentView to the left or right?

I want to create a "sliding" effect left and right. I know how to use gestures, but what method allows me to set where a contentView is on the left and right? Its frame?


You can't move the contentView (or you shouldn't). But feel free to put a big view inside it (containing everything else in the cell) and move that view!

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ASP.NET Global.asax Application_PreRequestHandlerExecute

c# global-asax

My question is, is there another way like in a class level location that I can execute all of application methods that are in the Global.cs such as "Application_PreRequestHandlerExecute"oal is that...

cakephp : how can i store a encrypted data into db and then decrypt it through key

cakephp encryption cakephp-2.0 cakephp-2.1 encryption-asymmetric

i am working on a Cakephp 2.3 I'm trying to encrypt my data which i am storing into db, so I searched for a way to do this. I found this

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