Hard?: Spring security on classes that are not Spring Beans?

Definitely need some expert help with this! I think this is mainly a Spring Security question, but as I don't know for sure, so I am also tagging with the general Spring tag!

When the Application Context is loaded (mine is all via Java Config, though I don't believe that matters), the "DefaultListableBeanFactory" is processed and eventually (via the ProxyFactory) Spring Security Advisors are added. This is great when I have Spring Beans as I have Permissions that need authorization.

My question is: how do I get the same effect when I no longer require those classes to be Spring Beans? Said differently, if I have an object instance created as a singleton bean via Java Config and the authorization is working correctly, is it possible to maintain that with the object instance being a POJO? Again, for the experts, I want the interception chain returned in the JdkDynamicAopProxy to contain the Spring Security interceptors.

And "no", I am not really expecting an answer to this, maybe just hoping!!!


To add security interceptors to beans not instantiated by spring container switch global-security tag to mode aspectj and weave the provided AnnotationSecurityAspect in the aspecj module.

For your second question I suppose that you want to do one of the following:

  • Use a ProxyFactoryBean to secure a bean.

  • Create security proxies programmatically: Use ProxyFactory.addAdvice() method.

  • Add the security interceptor to all proxies created by an AutoProxyCreator: This usually don't needed, but you can use the AbstractAutoProxyCreator.interceptorNames property to add common interceptors. The global-security tag parser uses a generated name for the MethodSecurityInterceptor, so you need to configure the interceptor manually and set a consistent SecurityMetadataSource.

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