CSS Issue - Jquery Lightbox size resized when clicking next/previous button

Good day guys. I just want to ask some idea from pros here about the next/previous-transition (resized) issue with a jquery lightbox plugin.

Original look when an image is loaded:

The resized look when next/previous arrow is clicked:

I suspect that I made some css modification with the plugin's default styles when im still customizing the look of the like box.

I used the latest Wordpress Jquery Lightbox(Latest version plugin)

The site is available in:

The jquery lighbox is in the middle part of the page. One of the links(underlined) will open the popup box:

Q: I just wanna ask if what is the best CSS work around for this issue that the responsive part of the lightbox will not be affected.


Oh, i figured out an answer to my problem myself however i don't know if this is the best solution.

What I did, I add css rules in my style.css:

#outerImageContainer {
    min-height: 470px !important;

But still i need to adjust the min-height when the site is resized to smaller view or viewed in mobile devices.

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