How to sync with the original repository in bitbucket?

Although I have already checked the similar post about syncing my local files with the original repo I have this strange problem.

So, this is what I did:-

  • I forked a repo from one of the existing repo in, let's call it master repo which is (private repo) to my repo.
  • I cloned my repo to my computer using:-

    git clone
  • Now I want to see what changes has been made in the master repo so I did:-

    git remote add upstream
    git pull upstream

But the problem is that git is asking for the password of which I do not have.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I thought it was supposed to fetch and merge it into my current branch but it keeps asking the password for

I even tried entering my own password which clearly failed.


git is asking for the password because the URL you used for the upstream:

is a HTTPS URL which requires authentication.

It is not quite clear from your question, but I'm guessing that masterrepo is a public repository (if not you could not have cloned it in the first place I assume). So try using a public URL which does not require authentication, while adding the upstream remote, one of these should work:

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