Create selector dynamically from string

I've made a program that uses reflection to add a Trait dynamically, and solves conflicts automatically in one predeterminated way.

It uses aliases. It's working (I think), but I have only a problem when finally adding the trait.

My program generates all the aliases for each conflicting method, and add them with the trait to the class. The problem is that I'm not able to generate the selector correctly, its generating a string instead.


I need this

TCircle @ {#circleHash -> #hash}

but I'm generating this

TCircle @ {'#circleHash' -> #hash}

you can see the quotes in #circleHash.

Because is a meta-program, it generates also dynamically the selector. How I can get it without the quotes and with the #?

I need to able to do something like this

"have the selector name in string"
obj := 'SelectorDinamicallyGenerated'.

and get #SelectorDinamicallyGenerated, and not '#SelectorDinamicallyGenerated'.

How can I do this?

I've tried doing like that (#obj) buts not working (getting #obj)


I've found it.


obj asSymbol

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