Add binding to json using JavaScriptSerializer with list c#

I use to build my json return string by hand using vbscript and would add a binding, and then in javascript i could say something simple like


which would look like this in json

{"response":[{"key":"value"},{"key":"value"}] }

I just starting working with jquery ajax to in c# and i found the only way to make valid json in c# is to use the JavaScriptSerializer. This is fine, except im not sure how to get that type of binding when serializing my list. I only have one item in my json for testing

d=[{"h":"hi"}] //This is what shows in fiddler

i want it too look similar to the above

d={"response":[{"h":"hi"}] }

Im not sure how to create this type of json response object using c#, though i am sure it is possible. Here is the code for my test serialization.

private static string Serialize(object obj)
    JavaScriptSerializer serializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();
    return serializer.Serialize(obj);

public static string SomeMethod()
    List<Samp> samp = new List<Samp>()
        new Samp{h = "hi"}
    return Serialize(samp);


public class Samp
    public string h = "";


return Serialize( new { response = samp });

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