Queryset filter/excludes for dates

I have an event + dates type table design.

Class Event

Class EventDate
   date = models.DateField()
   event = model.ForeignKey(Event)

   class Meta:
       unique_together = ('date', 'event')

I'm trying to find events that are no longer happening, i.e. expired from today onwards.

I tried the following queryset:

 Event.objects.filter(dates_set__date__lt = 
 datetime.date.today()).exclude(dates_set__date__gte = datetime.date.today())

The SQL query seems odd to me because of the subquery, and it looks expensive.

SELECT … FROM "events" INNER JOIN "event_dates" ON ("events"."id" = 
"event_dates"."events_id") WHERE ("event_dates"."date" < '2013-05-02' AND NOT 
(("events"."id" IN (SELECT U1."event_id" FROM "event_dates" U1 WHERE (U1."date"
>= '2013-05-02'  AND U1."event_id" IS NOT NULL)) AND "events"."id" IS NOT NULL)))

Is this correct?


Logically, the filter and the exclude are the same, so using one or the other should return the results you want.

Another way to do "exclusion" is to use Q objects to make "not" statements. So if you wanted to get all events with status != "expired" and date < today you can use

Event.objects.filter(Q(dates_set__date__lt=datetime.date.today()), ~Q(status="expired"))

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