How to launch many programs sequentially without being block?

In unix system

I have a directory called program_sets , and in the program_sets , there exists 8 directory and in each directory they have a program called

I want to launch and run 8 programs in the same time , but when I launch the first program , the procedure will be block until the first program call is finish . How can I solve this problems?

here is my code


@Each_names = readdir(Programs);

    `perl ./program_sets/$Each_names[$i]/`;



Run them in the background with &, just like you would from the shell.

    system("perl ./program_sets/$Each_names[$i]/ >/dev/null 2>&1 &");

Also, backticks should be used when you're assigning the output to a variable. Use system() to run a command without saving the output.

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