Interview : update table values using select statement

Interviewer asked me one question, which seems very easy, but I couldn't figure out, how to solve this

Name  | Gender
A     | F
B     | M
C     | F
D     | F
E     | M

From the above data, gender was wrongly entered, which means in place of F it should be M and in place of M it should F. How to update whole table with a single line sql query (don't use pl/sql block). Since, if I will update gender column one by one, then possible error would be all rows values of gender column becomes either F or M.

Final output should be

Name  | Gender
A     | M
B     | F
C     | M
D     | M
E     | F


Try this..

Update TableName Set Gender=Case when Gender='M' Then 'F' Else 'M' end

On OP request..update using Select...

Update TableName T Set Gender=(
Select Gender from TableName B where  T.Gender!=B.Gender and rownum=1);


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