What's the difference between ojdbc6.jar and ojdbc16.jar

I have two oracle driver file.

ojdbc6.jar (2,713,510 byte) and ojdbc16.jar(2,111,338 byte)

What are they different? when I googled, some people say to use ojdbc6.jar. the other say use ojdbc16.jar

Even file size are slightly different so, I guess one is newer version. Does someone know about this?

Thank you


My guess is that they are simply different versions of ojdbc6.jar (Oracle JDBC drivers compiled for Java 6). The file sizes on Oracle's site suggests that this may be the case (they are close).

I'm guessing someone was used to using the ojdbc14/ojdbc15 jars and renamed the jar for consistency-sake?

I'm thinking your ojdbc6.jar is the version, and the ojdbc16.jar is the (close file sizes).

You should be able to confirm this by looking in the jars' manifest files (they should have the version information).

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