as3 dynamic variable within a loop

I need to have the screenPage var accessible for later calls. I am dynamically creating several pages. The issue is when I call screenPage.startDrag(); then it only drags the last page. How can I add a var in the name or make all the screenPages accessible through code?

Here is code in short:

var screenPage:MovieClip;

for(var p = 1; daTotalPages >= p; p++)
    screenPage = new theFlagScreen();

Can I make screenPage a dynamic var and add like a 1 at the end and then a 2 and so forth with the loop?


Why not use an array ?

var pages:Array = new Array;

for(var p = 1; daTotalPages >= p; p++)
   var screenPage:MovieClip = new theFlagScreen();

Now you have an array containing all of your instances.

var myPage:MovieClip = pages[5] as MovieClip;

Also, the code you have above is creating an instance each time through, but since you then go ahead and create a new one each iteration and assign it to the same variable without storing it or adding it to the display list.... once you create a new one, the last one is marked for garbage collection.

The result is only the LAST instance you created still exists as it's the only one that has a variable that references it.

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