Rendering another template from a button click in Django

I have following template files in my django project:

  1. base.html
  2. base_test1.html
  3. base_test2.html

Here both base_test1.html and base_test2.html extends base.html. My home page renders base_test1.html. In my home page, I have a button which when pressed should render base_test2.html. How should I achieve this?

I have been trying to use jQuery ajax call so that when the button is pressed, I call the corresponding view in the of my application. But that doesn't seem to be working since the ajax call just returns the html page to the request rather than rendering it.


  • Create another url, view for 2nd template which I think you have done.
  • Make button as link to this url. So that when the button is pressed, page with 2nd template is rendered.

If you want to use ajax, the base_test2.html should not return complete HTML page. But just some block in the html page, which you replace in the original page.

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