Short way to include CSS and javascript tags with HAML

When including javascript or CSS in HAML you would normally have to do the following to include CSS:

%link{:type => "text/css", :rel => "stylesheet", :href => "/css/mycss.css"}

And for javascript:

%script{:type => "text/javascript", :src => "/js/myscript.js"}

I was wondering if HAML does not have a short way of including these tags (to get content from a source of course, not inline), that omits the need for the type and rel attributes, since these are invariable anyway.

Note that Ruby on Rails provides this feature via a function, but I'm not using rails.


You don't need the script's type attribute, and you can use the html syntax


you could always create a "helper" to generate it if you feel like it

Need Your Help

how to parse the file?

python python-3.x lxml lxml.html

the following code parses the string.

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