How to use foreach function in the the case of arrays of arrays


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Just one thing... In your echo statement you have $s wrapped in single quotes ('), the variable will not be read unless it's in double quotes ("). ie: ["$s"]. Or you can do [''.$s.''] or just remove the quotes all together [$s].

And now the fix...

foreach($array_data['AvailResponse']['OriginDestinationOptions']['OriginDestinationOption']['0']['onward']['FlightSegments']['FlightSegment'] as $array)
    echo $c=$array['FlightNumber'];

Not a very elegant solution, but it works.

A link to the code working:

Try like this

foreach($array_data as $array)
        foreach($array as $arr)
             //Do the stuff
     //Do the stuff

just check that whether it is an array or not each time.if it is then apply another foreach loop

You are trying to access the data in a known position. I don't see why you have to make a loop.

echo $array_data['AvailResponse']['OriginDestinationOptions']['OriginDestinationOption']['0']['onward']['FlightSegments']['FlightSegment']['$s']['FlightNumber'];

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