Is this possible to search a encrypted data?

net framework to do encrypted the data, and store in the database. But I would like to query the encrypted data, except from decryption the data one by one. Is this possible to query the encrypted data? Thanks.

P.S. I use the Framework.Security.TripleDES class for encryption, and using MSSQL database. Thanks.


By definition NO. If your encrypted data is searchable, the encryption is broken. You must use a different, random, IV for each item encrypted and the only way to search is to decrypt every item and compare it with the searched item. Which is prohibitive. What you can do is store also a hash of the data and search the hash, see Indexing Encrypted Data. This allows you to quickly do extact searched, but no partial searched nor range searches.

If you use the same IV to encrypt each record, you can do simple searches by encrypting the searched string and comparing with stored data. However, if you need more complicated searches, you are out of luck unless you reconsider the architecture of your application.

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