Add ajax to a simple jquery function

I am using some simple jquery to show view cart button if something has been added to the cart.

if ( $('.cartSummaryItem').text() != 'Shopping cart is empty.' ) {

If the cart is empty it show this the text "Shopping cart is empty.", if something is added .account will fadeIn. The problem is I need to refresh the page for this to work, is there a way to do this without refreshing the page with ajax or similar?

Thanks Nik


If the change event doesn't work. Another method is using an Interval.

<script type='text/javascript'>
        setInterval(function () { 
            if ( $('.cartSummaryItem').text() != 'Shopping cart is empty.' ) {
        }, 10000);

Ofcourse, the interval should be changed to your desired amount. I would only use this if the change doesn't work.. The change event is prefered.

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