How To Update a Row With Multiple Combined Rows In SQL Server

I have two tables as decribe bellow:


id | table2_id | value
1  | 1         | AAA
2  | 1         | BBB
3  | 1         | CCC


id | value
1  | XXXX

and I want to update Table2 with combined value from Table1.

OUTPUT Expected on Table2

id | value

How can I do or there are the best way to get expected result that explained above just using TSQL in sql server?


you can use Common Table Expression on this,

WITH record
    SELECT [table2_id],
            STUFF((SELECT ',' + [value]
                    FROM Table1
                    WHERE [table2_id] = a.[table2_id]
                    FOR XML PATH ('')), 1, 1, '')  AS val_list
    FROM    Table1 AS a
    GROUP   BY [table2_id]
SET     a.value = b.val_list
FROM    table2 a
        INNER JOIN record b
            ON a.ID = b.table2_id

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