How to change open perspective icon?

I need to change "Open Perspective" icon in my RCP application. Is it even possible to do it?


This has not been tested, but I believe it should work...

The image used for the "new perspective" item (see PerspectiveBarNewContributionItem) is based on the workbench images (WorkbenchImages.getImageDescriptor(...)).

The images of WorkbenchImages is installed via WorkbenchImages.declareImage(...) which in this case ends up as FileLocator.find(<bundle of org.eclipse.ui>, "$nl$/icons/full/eview16/new_persp.gif", null).

So.. you should be able to override the existing image by installing a new fragment for org.eclipse.ui with your new image as the jar resource/entry named <nl>/icons/full/eview16/new_persp.gif where <nl> is your locale language - e.g. da for Danish and en for English (I cannot see you location). This image should override the default...

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