Database procedures and functions vs web services

In our development team we have:

  • 4 developers
  • one application uses PHP and database Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2, except one using PowerBuilder instead of PHP and one using MySql instead of Microsoft SQL Server
  • All applications are database-centered, some of them are for general public, some are not.

Question is: for the procedures and functions shared by all applications, what does it make most sense to use, database procedures/functions or web services? We could not find an agreement within the team.

Whatever you answer, please explain the reasons.


Webservices and Database Proc/Functions are two entirely different things. Webservices are the services over the web, mainly used when a client and a server interact and client interacts with the server through web or HTTP or any other protocol. Database proc/func - are created to interact with a login to a DB server.

In your case, if all the application are in the same domain... then you dont need to access through webservices and also it is a lot of overhead. You can create a common DB server , where you can keep these proc/func and can be consumed by all.

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