How to open website url from windows application(.net) (no javascript)

I want to open website url(in default browser) from my windows application. it is successfully open using below code :


Now my problem is:

i do not want to show the url of the website due to security reason. So how can i hide addressbar of popup browser.



dear please add webbrowser control in your solution make it invisible and assign anyurl to that document like

       this.webBrowser1.Url = new System.Uri("", System.UriKind.Absolute);

and then on button click u can open webbrowser

      webBrowser1.Document.Window.Open(new Uri(""), "displayWindow", "status=yes,width=200,height=400", false); 

screenshot is

using the method use this

create one html file paste that in side the folder where the exe is with the following code

 <html lang="en" xmlns="">
  <meta charset="utf-8" />
   <script>'', '_self', '');'', '', 'status=yes,width=200,height=400', false);


and in ur button click code write as

  Process.Start(Application.StartupPath+ @"\HTMLPage1.html");

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