Generating Excel file based on folder contents

Is it possible to create a excel spreadsheet based on a folder tree, including its subdirectories and filenames? Is their a way to do it with excel itself or is there a program out there that makes this possible?


If you need to do this just once and not update it, then something like this should work:

 cd directory
 tree > tree.txt

Now do following:

  1. Open tree.txt in a text editor which can do regular expressions, such as Notepad++. The regular expressions below are for Notepad++, so you may have to tweak them a bit for another editor with different regexp dialect. Notice how each directory tree level is 4 prefixing characters.

  2. Remove any lines you don't care about.

  3. Replace, with regular expression and wrap-around checkboxes checked:

    • Find: ^(\t*)[^\tA-Za-z0-9_]{4}
    • Replace: \1\t
  4. Keep repeating above step until 0 occurences are replaced. Look at how file changes.

  5. Copy the text (ctrl-a ctrl-c) and paste to Excel. Tab characters should put directory hierarchy neatly to Excel columns

Some notes about the regexp:

  • \t is Tab character, both in expression and replacement
  • \1 in replacement means whatever whas matched by first () in the expression
  • Initial ^ in expression matches start of line
  • [^...] in expression means, match any character not listed
  • {4} in expression means, match exactly 4 occurences of whatever was before (the [^...] in this case).

So in short, this matches and ()-captures any tabs at start of line, then matches also next 4 non-tab/letter/number/underscore chars. Then this is replaced first by any tabs that were captured, then one extra tab. So each time this regexp is done, one more sequence of 4 non-directory-name chars get replaced with tab.

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