I need product Stock quantity from two tables

I have two tables, how to find stock from both tables? I work on VB.Net, if possible please help me.

Here's the relevant data from the link:


  1. product_in (store all product QTY)
  2. product_out (store all products sold QTY)

first table (PRODUCT_IN) has following values:

Product Code(PK)     Description                QTY
RS121102             SUITS                      100
RS129985             SUITS                      100
DF-C09               SHIRTS                     50
AE-H05               SHIRTS                     50

Second table (PRODUCT_OUT) has following values:

Product Code         Description                QTY
RS121102             SUITS                      50
AE-H05               SHIRTS                     10


Product Code         Description     Total QTY           Sold QTY
RS121102             SUITS                100               50
RS129985             SUITS                100               0
DF-C09               SHIRTS               100               0
AE-H05               SHIRTS               100               10


The query needed for you request is the following

SELECT a.[Product Code], a.Description, a.QTY as [Total QTY], b.QTY as [Sold QTY]
FROM PRODUCT_IN as a LEFT JOIN PRODUCT_OUT as b on a.[Product Code] = b.[Product Code]

By the way, if it is possible remove the spaces between field names. It forces to create unnecessary complicated queries.

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