How to clean the Array after write some information

I first declare a pointer array

int q,k;
char ***schArray;
schArray = malloc(sizeof(char**)*1000);
    for(q = 0; q < 1000; q++) {
        schArray[q] = malloc(sizeof(char*)*100);
        for(k = 0; k < 1000; k++) {
            schArray[q][k] = malloc(sizeof(char)*100);

char buf[80]={0};

Then I read some data from pipe which put it in the buf and copy it to the pointer Array

strcpy(schArray[commandnum][0], buf); 

After that, I want to clean the content of Pointer Array. I use the following code.


After that, I cannot write any data to schArray[commandnum][0] by the code

strcpy(schArray[commandnum][0], buf);

Is there any mistake in the code above?


I think you want to set the first character of an allocated string to '\0'. You'd do this using

schArray[commandnum][0][0] = '\0';

Your current code replaces (and leaks) the pointer to the buffer allocated by malloc(sizeof(char)*100)

As an aside, and before anyone pulls me up on it, note that sizeof(char) is guaranteed to be 1 so the malloc can be simplified to malloc(100).

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