ssl httpserver throwing 'Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000' error

This code is throwing a 'Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000' error in runtime. I'm trying to get the server to accept ssl requests but am having real trouble.

I also have ssleay32.dll & libeay32.dll saved in the debug folder. Any help appreciated:

ServerIOHandler := TIdServerIOHandlerSSLOpenSSL.Create;

ServerIOHandler.SSLOptions.Method := sslvSSLv23;
ServerIOHandler.SSLOptions.Mode := sslmClient;
ServerIOHandler.SSLOptions.VerifyMode := [];
ServerIOHandler.SSLOptions.VerifyDepth := 0;

server.IOHandler := ServerIOHandler;       

server.OnQuerySSLPort(8092, newBool);     //this is the line that throws the error



The reason why you get this error is that OnQuerySSLPort is an event, which you haven't assigned a handler for.

The point of the OnQuerySSLPort is that you should write a method and then assign it to this property of the TIdHTTPServer object. Then this method (that you have written) will be executed everytime the event is fired:

procedure TForm5.MyHandler(APort: TIdPort; var VUseSSL: Boolean);
  // Do something

procedure TForm5.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  server := TIdHTTPServer.Create;
  server.OnQuerySSLPort := MyHandler;

You might be more familiary with other events like TForm.OnCreate, TTimer.OnExecute, etc. These work the same way: you write a piece of code that the object then executes when the right time comes.

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