relationship one to one EntityFramework error

I create 2 table in sql server 2008

table 1 : User( UserID,Name, FirstName,Login, Password...) , PK : UserID table 2 : SessionUser(UserID, Date, Adress) , PK : UserID

The relationship between the two tables is set in sql server 2008, with 1 to 1 relationship and the foreign key is in the table SessionUser (FK: userID) There are users in the User table (full lines) when I tried to add a session in the session table it shows me this error:

Entities in 'DistributionSSEntities.SessionUser ' participate in the 'FK_SessionUser_User ' relationship. 0 related 'User ' were found. 1 'User ' is expected.


DistributionSSEntities db = new DistributionSSEntities();
SessionUser sessionUser = new SessionUser();

            sessionUser.UserID = 12; // this ID existe in User table
            sessionUser.Date = "12-12-2012";
            sessionUser.AdressIP = "";


how to resolve this problem Thanx.


Just setting the UserID won't do the trick.

You can either: - select the user from the database and then set the User property - create a new User with the desired ID and attach it to the context - or, set the foreign key reference directly:

sessionUser.UserReference.EntityKey = new System.Data.EntityKey(sessionUser.UserReference.RelationshipSet.EntityContainer.Name + "." + sessionUser.UserReference.TargetRoleName, "ID", id);

It's a bit long, but you can make it into an extension method as it comes in handy.

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