How to replace a particular string with value in java


Goal : http://localhost:8080/api/upload/form/test/test

Is it possible to have some thing like `{a-b, A-B..0-9}` kind of pattern and match them and replace with value.

i have following string


there can be any no of strings like {uploadType}/{uploadName}.

how to replace them with some values in java?


[Edited] Apparently you don't know what substitutions you'll be looking for, or don't have a reasonable finite Map of them. In this case:

Pattern SUBST_Patt = Pattern.compile("\\{(\\w+)\\}");
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder( template);
Matcher m = SUBST_Patt.matcher( sb);
int index = 0;
while (m.find( index)) {
    String subst = 1);
    index = m.start();
    String replacement = "replacement";       // .. lookup Subst -> Replacement here
    sb.replace( index, m.end(), replacement);
    index = index + replacement.length();

Look, I'm really expecting a +1 now.

[Simpler approach] String.replace() is a 'simple replace' & easy to use for your purposes; if you want regexes you can use String.replaceAll().

For multiple dynamic replacements:

public String substituteStr (String template, Map<String,String> substs) {
    String result = template;
    for (Map.Entry<String,String> subst : substs.entrySet()) {
        String pattern = "{"+subst.getKey()+"}";
        result = result.replace( pattern, subst.getValue());
    return result;

That's the quick & easy approach, to start with.

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