Regular Expression for Alphabetical text with some exceptions

I am looking to for Regular Expression for a text field which accepts alphabets, also dots(.), brackets, -, & like

ABC (new),
A & A co.

I have my regular expression:

/^[A-z.&() ]+$/


var regex = /^[a-z][a-z.()&-]+$/;
var sel = document.getElementById("TextBoxID").value;
if (sel != "-- Select --") {
if (!regex.test(sel.toString())) {
alert("Please use a proper name.");
} return false;

I want the string to mandatory start with alphabet. But seems like this is not working when I add - into the same, may be the syntax is wrong.


First, note that [A-z] is not the same as [A-Za-z], which is probably what you meant. If you look at an ASCII table, you can see that the range from A to z includes several special characters that you may not intend to include.

Second, since the dash - denotes a range in a character class (as above), it must be included last (or first, but more commonly last) in order to be interpreted as a literal dash.

So, what you really want is this:


And to assert that it starts with an alphabet:

  ^^^^^^^^             ^

(Notice I've changed the + quantifer to a * quantifier.)

Finally, as @ExplosionPills had done, you can simplify the expression by making it case-insensitive:


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