Surface offline maps

I'm developing Surface application, but I came across a problem. I need to develop a control with next abilities:

  1. World map on background (should display only continents).
  2. I need a way to find out on which continent user touched(interactive background map).
  3. Any controls can be added on the top of the map control (for an example video-player control for different regions of the map).
  4. Map control should works in offline mode only (without any connection to internet).

I can't find any frameworks that would meet my goals. So, anyone know something projects/code samples that can help me to achieve my goals


Offline mapping could be done in many ways, one of them would be download / get shapefile for continents. (You can search for that). Later you can use SharpMap to display that shapefile in WPF application. SharpMap is a .Net framework based open source application which enables reading multiple geospatial formats. Another option to read geo-spatial data is DotSpatial.

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