stop scroll bar from covering div content with auto overflow

I have this div with overflow-y:auto; which can be very narrow and when the scroll bar appears it can cover much or all of the div. I would like the scroll bar to appear outside the div like with overflow:scroll; but I don't want to see the faded scroll bar when there is no overflow. Also I don't want to give the div a width as the width must be variable. This jsfiddle demonstrates my issue, and here is the code:

   .auto {
            border:1px solid green;

<div class = "auto">


This could be a solution:

Basically, it uses a wrapper to contain the scrollbar

<div class="scroll">
    <br />b
    <br />c
    <br />d
    <br />

and leaves some space on the right side for it:

padding-right: 13px;

However, since scrollbars may vary depending on OS, I'd suggest to use custom scrollbars like this jQuery plugin.

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