Weird issue in IE7 Only not in any other browser

It is a simple HTML , i have jquery-ui(1.10) and jquery (1.9.1) . it works fine in IE8,9 ,firefox and in chrome only in IE 7 HTML has something like below. I have no idea what that is and where that is from this piece of code is not there when i see this HTML in IE8,9 , Firefox and chrome

sizzle-1367496452938="[object Object]

and all the div tags injected with this


Here is some part of the html look like this.Anyone knows what is this issue is?

     <html sizzle-1367496167699="[object Object]">

        <div class="container" id="container2" 
sizzle-1367496452938="[object Object]">

            <div class="arrow-left" id="wppanelstatus" 
    style="width: 1%;" jQuery191030626454110549073="6"/>

UPDATE I am NOT using sizzle javascript selector library


This is what jQuery uses to attach event handlers etc in IE.

It's called an expando. It's just a string which is basically 'jQuery' + timestamp (in essence a unique value).

And jQuery depends on sizzle so you are definitely using it....

You can read more here: jQuery attribute auto added to elements

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