countdown error with getElementsByClassName

I have an error using the getElementsByClassName, it does not show me the results you want in my class. When I use an getElementbyID that works smoothly with the class but no way, I have no error in the console I do not understand why the result is not displayed.

document.getElementsByClassName('countdown_product').innerHTML = '<span class="texte_countdown" style="text-align:center;"></span><br/>';
document.getElementsByClassName('countdown_product').innerHTML += '<span class="days">'+ days+ '</span>';
document.getElementsByClassName('countdown_product').innerHTML += '<span class="hours"><span class="pts_countdown">:</span>' + hours+ '</span>';
document.getElementsByClassName('countdown_product').innerHTML += '<span class="minutes"><span class="pts_countdown">:</span>' + minutes+ '</span>';
document.getElementsByClassName('countdown_product').innerHTML += '<span class="seconds"><span class="pts_countdown">:</span>' + seconds+ '</span>';
document.getElementsByClassName('countdown_product').innerHTML += '<span class="milliseconds"><span class="pts_countdown">:</span>' + milliseconds+ ' </span>'

My fiddle


getElementsByClassName returns an array of the selected DOM Element objects, you should iterate through the selected elements and update the innerHTML for every selected element. You are adding a innerHTML property to the returned Array object which of course doesn't throw an error but doesn't do what you expect.

var elems = document.getElementsByClassName('countdown_product');
for ( var i = 0; i < elems.length; i++ ) {
   elems[i].innerHTML = '<span class="texte_countdown" style="text-align:center;">text</span>';

As you are loading jQuery you can select the elements by className and use html or append method, jQuery uses each method behind the scene and updates the innerHTML properties for you.


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