shuffle two arrays in same order in javascript

I have two arrays var skladby=["skladba00", "skladba01", "skladba02", "skladba03"]; var zoznam=["text00", "text01", "text02", "text03"];

I would like to randomize/shuffle this two arrays in same order but items in arrays on [0] position must stay on their positions. i.e. var skladby=["skladba00", "skladba02", "skladba03", "skladba01"]; var zoznam=["text00", "text02", "text03", "text01"];

thx for your answers.


To change your arrays in place, get the shuffled order first and add the new arrangements to the end of the existing arrays.

Then splice out from index 1 to where the new arrangement begins (the original length).

The elements at index 0 are not affected.

var skladby= ["skladba00", "skladba01", "skladba02", "skladba03"];
var zoznam= ["text00", "text01", "text02", "text03"];

var i=0, len= skladby.length, next, order=[];
while(i<len)order[i]= ++i; //[1,2,3...]
order.sort(function(){return Math.random()-.5});

for(i= 0; i<len; i++){
    next= order[i];
skladby.splice(1, len);
zoznam.splice(1, len);

/* returned values


text00,text03,text01,text02 */

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