Dynamically calling array value by index number

I'm having trouble calling the values of an array using their index number dynamically. What I'm trying to do is get the name of a movieclip dynamically each time the for loop calls. My code:

public var allItemsUnlockedTC:Array = new Array("Itemwrench", "Itemsc", "Itemvoltmeter", "Itemgloves", "Itemstirespray");

for(var TCitems:int = 0; TCitems < allItemsUnlockedTC.length; TCitems++)
                trace("TCitems length: " + TCitems);
                trace("Values: " + allItemsUnlockedTC.valueOf([TCitems]));
                /*getChildByName(allItemsUnlockedTC.valueOf(TCitems) as MovieClip).x = par.toolCloset.kast_1.slotTC1;//getChildByName("slotTC" + (TCitems + 1)).x + 400;
                getChildByName(allItemsUnlockedTC.valueOf(TCitems) as MovieClip).y = par.toolCloset.kast_1.slotTC1;//getChildByName("slotTC" + (TCitems + 1)).y + 245;
                getChildByName(allItemsUnlockedTC.valueOf(TCitems) as MovieClip).gotoAndStop(2);
                //getChildByName(allItemsUnlockedTC.valueOf(TCitems)).name = ("slotTC" + (TCitems + 1));
                NotinventoryParentTC.addChild(getChildByName(allItemsUnlockedTC.valueOf(TCitems) as MovieClip));*/

Instead of getting the values one by one in ascending order, I get all values at once every time the for loop calls.

How do I call the value by the index using the for loop ?

Thanks in advance,


Nevermind, I solved it.

trace("Values: " + allItemsUnlockedTC[TCitems]);

Stupid question xS


You want to get the item at the specific index. In actionscript this is done like this: yourArray[index]. Don't use valueOf.

so it would look like:

trace("Values: " + allItemsUnlockedTC[TCitems]);

Just use a for each...in loop.

 for each(var TCitems:String in allItemsUnlockedTC)
            trace("TCitems length: " + allItemsUnlocked.indexOf(TCitems));
            trace("Values: " + TCitems);

Note that this was just off the top of my head and the code may not be entirely correct.

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