Select from 3 tables with calculating

I try to make a query in MySQL that gets data from 3 tables, and calculate in 2 tables. But i really don't know how to do this.

I have this in my PHP code to calculate "Avage Cost per Click":

  1. Get all the campaigns.

      SELECT * FROM campaigns;
  2. Get how many clicks the campaign has:

    select SUM(id) as IALT2 from aktivitet where annonce_id = '@@CAMPAIGN_ID' group by ip");
  3. Get the total revenure from all rows

    SELECT SUM(price) as IALT from money where ad = '@@CAMPAIGN_ID' group by id

Now i can calculate the "Avage Cost Per Click"


then it should say:

select * from campaign order by CPC desc limit 0,1


select * from campaigns C
order by
    (select SUM(price) from money where ad = C.CAMPAIGN_ID)
    (select SUM(id) from aktivitet where annonce_id = C.CAMPAIGN_ID)
)desc limit 0,1

just guessing, but I think you want this

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