defining an initial variable in a new object in php

I am new to OOP so forgive me if my question is flawed.

I am writing a class to fetch and populate a data set, this will be performed within a loop, which will return a series of index id's by which I will populate the data of the object. Within the app, I will need to both do this in a loop, and individually. My question is when (inside or outside the loop) I initiate the class, how would I define the id for that particular object's item id, which will be used by the class's methods?

$object = New item($itemid);
// or
$object = New item->4;
// ?

I am not sure how to do this, or if this is even the proper way to handle this kind of logic.


I am writing this class under the assumption that my first object will be a collection of commonly used functions that currently only exist as such, so just trying to clean things up.


You need to initialize the class, and then set the item id.

$object = new item();
$object->item_id = 1;

The first way

class Item {
    private $id;

    public function __construct($id) {
        $this->id = $id;

$object = new Item($itemid);

Try to use private member variables where you can and set them with the constructor.

You can use constructors for that. Example:

  class person {
     public $name;
     public function __construct($persons_name) {           
       $this->name = $persons_name;            
    // ....   rest

Now, when you create the object with new keyword, pass the arguments.

  $user = new person('Ayesh K);

Otherwise you can explicitly set values for the class as well.

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