Is there a method that parses int or returns 0 if unable to do so?

I am constantly having to write something like this in different places and projects.

int appointmentId =  Integer.parseInt(StringUtils.isNotEmpty(request.getParameter
("appointmentId")) ? request.getParameter("appointmentId"): "0");

Is there a common class that returns parsed int or 0 or something you specify as default return value?


Apache Commons' NumberUtils.toInt() returns 0 if the conversion fails.

(And another that lets you specify the default value on conversion failure.)

Just catch the NumberFormatException and return 0? It wouldn't be useful to have such a method in the Java API. I mean, with your method you never know if there was an error or not if the method returns 0. So it's only logically that you have to do something like this by yourself.

Something like:

public int getInt(String myInt) {
    int i;
    try {
        i = Integer.parseInt(myInt);
    } catch(NumberFormatException ex) {
        i = 0;
    return i;

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