Loop through columns having name T-SQL

I have this query:

  Select ac.*,cp.NOMECAMPO as fieldname
FROM optes op 
    inner join  artico art on art.id=op.IDARTICO
    inner join SAM.ArtCla3ID13 ac on ac.idartico=art.id 
    inner join CAMPIPERS cp on cp.TABELLA = 'ArtCla3ID3'
WHERE op.id = 54782.000000 

that returns something like this:

    rivestimento | numtaglienti | raggio | diamscarico | fieldname    |
    nuda         |       0      |    0   |     1     |  diamscarico |
    nuda         |       0      |    0   |     1     |  diamscarico |

How can I have this?

diamscarico |  1
raggio      |  0
numtaglienti|  0
rivestimento|  nuda



You can put the result of your query into an XML variable and do the unpivot when querying the XML.

declare @XML xml

set @XML = 
    -- Your query goes from here
    select *
    from YourTable
    -- to here
    for xml path(''), type

select T.X.value('local-name(.)', 'sysname') as ColumnNaame,
       T.X.value('./text()[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') as Value
from @XML.nodes('*') as T(X)

SQL Fiddle

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