Render.model in aspx

I'm working on sample program to show scheduler-net from this site:

I have a homepage developed with a controller. Scheduler calender is in another controller. Now i need to place the scheduler calender in the homepage of homepagecontroller.cs

I tried to transfer control from one action to another, but it is possible only under same controller. according to this reference: how can i transfer information of one view to another?

How can I place the scheduler calender developed from one controller to the homecontroller. Or is that possible avoid calendercontroller.cs and place in the homecontroller itself.

 public ActionResult Index()
        var scheduler = new DHXScheduler(this); //initializes dhtmlxScheduler
        scheduler.LoadData = true;// allows loading data
        scheduler.EnableDataprocessor = true;// enables DataProcessor in order to enable implementation CRUD operations
        return View(scheduler);


You could render it as a partial in your view. Put this in views/Home/Index.cshtml:

    Html.RenderAction("Index", "SchedulerController");

Obviously, replace Index and SchedulerController with the correct names.

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