taking a value from double list and making it a menu

I have a list of data that reads

[['name','emailtype','phonetype'],['john','yahoomail', 'mobile'],['mark','yahoo','landline']]

I can manually pick out the values i.e print dL[0][0] prints name and dL[1][0] emailtype.

Is it possible to isolate all the names from the list. i.e john and mark. With a program / module and then print them and produce them into something like this:

1) John
2) Mark 

so that I can ask for a raw_input and then if I press 1 as selection it produces john as the answer.

so that it reads similar to the nicely written data that I can manually type as above.


You want to slice the list (to ignore the first row), then use a list comprehension to pick out just the first element of each nested list:

[row[0] for row in nested_list[1:]]

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