Hide a gridview header column without losing position of other header columns vb.net

I would like to hide the header for two columns on a gridview. However I would like the other column headers to remain in their original position not move across to where the hidden columns would have been.

The code I'm using to hide the headers is the following:

For colCount As Integer = 0 To 1
    gvProgressGrid.HeaderRow.Cells(colCount).Visible = False

In the below example the headers should start at the column that contains the first set of blue cells.


Instead of toggling visibility, you can just set the column headers to empty strings and remove the border.

For colCount As Integer = 0 To 1
    gvProgressGrid.HeaderRow.Cells(colCount).Text = ""
    gvProgressGrid.HeaderRow.Cells(colCount).BorderStyle = BorderStyle.None

If you want to retain the column header value, you could also just set the cell's foreground color equal to it's background color.

For colCount As Integer = 0 To 1
    gvProgressGrid.HeaderRow.Cells(colCount).ForeColor = gvProgressGrid.HeaderRow.Cells(colCount).BackColor
    gvProgressGrid.HeaderRow.Cells(colCount).BorderStyle = BorderStyle.None

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